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Earn interest on your 
crypto in the Voyager app

How it works

Let your crypto work for you! With the Voyager Interest Program, you can actively trade and earn interest at the same time – no lockups or limits.

We’re currently offering interest on the assets below when you hold a minimum monthly balance in your Voyager account. 

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a) How Interest Is Calculated

Interest on the account is variable. We announce our interest rate once per month on or before the first business day of each month. Our interest rate may be tiered, with specified rates in effect at any time only applied to specified portions of amounts on deposit. Interest will be payable in arrears and added to the principal in your account by the fifth business day of the month. We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the specified principal in the account on each day. The daily periodic rate is calculated by dividing the applicable interest rate by three hundred sixty-five (365) days, even in leap years. We will determine the interest rates and tiers for each month in our sole discretion, and you acknowledge that such rates may not be equivalent to benchmark interest rates observed in the market for bank deposit accounts.

b) How Interest Is Paid

We will credit your Crypto Interest Account with the interest earned within 5 business days following the end of each calendar month. Your account must be open on such date in order for you to receive this interest payment. All interest will be paid in cryptocurrency. Once interest has been credited to your account, you will earn interest on it in future months.

Interest will be paid in kind (i.e., in the type of cryptocurrency that is earning interest).

c) Withdrawals

You may request a withdrawal of principal from your account at any time. This will process instantly when possible, however, for interest earning assets, we may require up to seven days after you submit your withdrawal request to process the withdrawal. If you are making a partial withdrawal, if a minimum deposit is required for interest to be earned on a particular asset, after your withdrawal has been processed the remaining amount is greater than or equal to the Minimum Balance to continue earning interest.

d) Risk Disclosure

We will lend, sell, pledge, rehypothecate, assign, invest, use, commingle or otherwise dispose of funds and cryptocurrency assets to counterparties, and we will use our commercial best efforts to prevent losses.

e) Consent to Rehypothecate

In consideration for the interest earned on your account, you grant the right, subject to applicable law, without further notice to you, to hold the cryptocurrency held in your account in the firm name or in another name, and to pledge, repledge, hypothecate, rehypothecate, sell, lend, or otherwise transfer or use any amount of such cryptocurrency, separately or together with other property, with all attendant rights of ownership, and for any period of time and without retaining a like amount of cryptocurrency, and to use or invest such cryptocurrency at its own risk.

Voyager Interest Program Terms & Conditions

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For any questions about the Voyager Interest Program or to report any issues, please contact us at

To participate, users must maintain a minimum monthly average balance of each coin.

Subject to qualifying criteria, Voyager pays interest on certain assets and accounts.

Interest is calculated based on average daily holdings.

Interest is paid out in the interest-bearing asset by the fifth business day of the month.

Rates are subject to change and will be announced each month in-app and on this page.

All Voyager users will be automatically enrolled in the Voyager Interest Program, but you can choose to opt-out by navigating to “Account” – “Crypto Interest” and selecting “I want to opt-out.”

See below for an example of how the program works with a 3% interest rate on 3 BTC over six months.

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All interest rates quotes are annual rates. 
Please see Terms & Conditions.

All interest rates quotes are annual rates. 
Please see Terms & Conditions.

All interest rates quotes are annual rates. 
Please see Terms & Conditions.